Publications 2020


Phase imaging with computational specificity (PICS) for measuring dry mass changes in sub-cellular compartments.

Kandel, M.E., He, Y.R,, Lee, Y.J,, Chen, T. H-Y., Sullivan, K.M.,, Aydin, O,, Saif, M.T.A., Kong, H.J., Sobh, N., Popescu, G.

Nature Communications 11, 6256 (2020)


Engineering of biomaterials for tumor modeling.

Choi, S.R,, Yang, Y., Huang, K-Y., Kong, H.J., Flick, M.J., Han, B.

Materials Today Advances 8, 100117 (2020)


Enhanced Condensation on Liquid-Infused Nanoporous Surfaces by Vibration-Assisted Droplet Sweeping.

Oh, I., Cha, H., Chen, J., Chavan, S., Kong, H.J., Miljkovic, N., Hu, Y.

ACS Nano 14, 10, 13367-13379 (2020)


Electrothermal soft manipulator enabling safe transport and handling of thin cell/tissue sheets and bioelectronic devices.

Kim, B.S., Kim, M.K,, Cho, Y., Hamed, E.E., Gillette, M.U,, Cha, H., Miljkovic, N., Aakalu, V.K.,Kang, K., Son, K.-N., Schachtschneider, K.M., Schook, L.B., Hu, C., Popescu, G., Park, Y., Ballance, W.C,, Yu, S., Im, S.G., Lee, J.,, Lee, C.H., Kong, H.J.

Science Advances 6,42, eabc5630 (2020)


Matrix softness-mediated 3D zebrafish hepatocyte modulates response to endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Sullivan, K.M., Park, C.G,, Ito, J.D., Kandel, M.E., Popescu, G., Kim, Y.j., Kong, H.J.

Environmental Science & Technology 54, 21, 13797-13806 (2020)


Comparison of Cellular Cytotoxicity Induced by Dry Eye Conditions by Formulations of Cyclosporine.

Balasubramaniam, A., Shah, D., Seo, Y., Son, K-N., Ali, M., Kalmodia, S., Kong, J.K., Aakalu, V.K.

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 61,7, 147 (2020)


Preoperative vascular surgery model using a single polymer tough hydrogel with controllable elastic moduli.

Balance, W.C., Karthikeyan, V., Oh, I., Qin, E.C., Seo, Y., Spearman-White, T., Bashir, R., Hu, Y., Philips, H., Kong, H.J.

Soft Matter 16: 8057-8068 (2020)


Surface tethering of stromal cell-derived factor-1alpha carriers to stem cells enhances cell homing to ischemic muscle.

Teo, JY., Ko, E., Leong, J., Hong, J., Jeon, Yang, Y.., Kong, H.J.

Nanomedicine 28: 102215 (2020)


Surface Tethering of Inflammation-Modulatory Nanostimulators to Stem Cells for Ischemic Muscle Repair.

Leong, J., Hong, Y-T., Wu, Y.-F,, Ko, E., Dvoretskiy, S., Teo, J. Y,,Kim, B.S., Kim, K., Jeon, H., Boppart, M.,, Yang, Y.Y., Kong, H.J.

ACS Nano 26:5298-5313 (2020).


Surface tethering of stromal cell-derived factor-1a carriers to stem cells enhances cell homing to ischemic muscle

Teo, JY., Ko, R,, Leong, J., Hong, J., Jeon, J.S,, Yang, YY. & Kong, H.J.

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 102215 (2020).


The biofilm removal effect of MnO2-diatom microbubbler from the dental prosthetic surfaces: In vitro study.

Lee, E-K,, Seo, Y., Kwon, H-B., Yim, Y-J., Kong, H.J. & Kim, M.J.

The Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics 58, 14-22 (2020).


Transparent and Flexible Electronics Assembled with Metallic Nanowire-Layered Non-drying Glycerogel.

Seo, Y., Kim, B.S., Ballance, W.C., Aw, C,, Sutton, B., Kong, H.J.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 11, 13040-13050 (2020). % equal contribution


Comparative effects of N-cadherin protein and peptide fragments on mesenchymal stem cell mechanotransduction and paracrine function.

Qin, E.C., Ahmed, ST., Sehgal, P,, Vu, V.H., Kong, H.J., Leckband, D.E.

Biomaterials 239, 119846 (2020).


Catalytic microgelators for decoupled control of gelation rate and rigidity of the biological gels.

Hong, Y-T., Bregante, DT, Lee, J.C-W.,, Seo, Y., Kim, D-H. Lee, Y.J., Schook, L.B., Jeon, H., Sung, H.-J., Flaherty, DW., Rogers, S.A., Kong, H.J.

Controlled Release 317, 166-180 (2020).