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Journal Articles



Extending the bioavailability of hydrophilic antioxidants for metal ion detoxification via recrystallization

with polysaccharide dopamine.

Miller, R., Kim, Y., Park, C.G., Torres, C., Kim, B., Lee, J., Flaherty, D.W., Han, H. Kim, Y.J., Kong, H.J. 

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, (Accepted, 2022)


Empowering engineered muscle in biohybrid pump by extending connexin 43 duration with reduced graphene oxides.

Ko, E., Aydin, O., Li, Z., Gapinske, L., Huang, K-Y, Saif, T., Bashir, R., Kong, H.J.

Biomaterials, (2022)


Self-locomotive antimicrobial microrobot (SLAM) swarm for enhanced biofilm elimination

Deng, Y.H., Ricciardulli, T., Won, J., Wade, M.A., Rogers, S.A., Boppart, S.A., Flaherty, D.W., Kong, H.J.

Biomaterials, (2022)


Manganese oxide nanozyme-doped diatom for safe and efficient treatment of peri-implantitis.

Lee, E-H., Lee, S-W., Seo, Y., Deng, Y-H., Lim, Y-J., Kwon H-B., Park K., Kong, H.J., Kim, M-J.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (In Press, 2022, Co-corresponding author)


Effects of mechanical properties of gelatin methacryloyl hydrogels on encapsulated stem cell spheroids for 3D tissue engineering.

Kim, E.M., Lee, G.M., Lee, S. Kim S-J., Lee, D., Yoon D.S., Joo, J., Kong, H.J., Park, H.H., Shin, H.

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules , (2022)


Extracellular microenvironmental control for organoid assembly

Sullivan, K.M*., Ko, E*., Kim,E.M*., Balance, W.C., Ito, J.D., Chalifoux, M., Kim Y.J., Bashir, R., Kong, H.J

Tissue Engineering B, (2022)


Transcriptomic and physiological analysis of endocrine disrupting chemicals impacts on 3D zebrafish liver cell culture system.

Park, C. G., Ryu, C. S., Sung, B., Manz, A., Kong, H., Kim, Y. J.

Aquatic Toxicology, (2022)


Adaptive Biohybrid pumping machine with flow loop feedback.

Li, Z., Ballance, W., Shrey Patel, M.J., Hwang, J., Kong, H.J. Saif, T.A.

Biofabrication (In press, 2022).



Quenching epigenetic drug resistance using anti-hypoxic microparticles in glioblastoma patient-derived chips.

Baek, S., Yu SE., Deng, Y.H., Lee, Y.J., Lee, D.G., Kim, S., Yoon, S., Kim H.S., Park, J. Lee, C.H., Lee, J.B., Kong, H.J., Kang, S-G., Shin, Y.M.

Advanced Healthcare Materials (In press, 2021).


Histatin-1 is an endogenous ligand of the sigma-2 receptor. 

Son, K-N, Lee, H., Shah, D., Kalmodia, S., Miller, R.C., Ali, M., Balasubramaniam, A., Cologna, S.M., Kong, H.J., Shukla, D., Aakalu, V.K.

EBS journal. 23:6815-6827 (2021).  


The Cholesterol Metabolite 27HC Increases Secretion of Extracellular Vesicles Which Promote Breast Cancer Progression.

Amy E Baek, Natalia Krawczynska, Anasuya Das Gupta, Svyatoslav Victorovich Dvoretskiy, Sixian You, Jaena Park, Yu-Heng Deng, Janet E Sorrells, Brandi Patrice Smith, Liqian Ma, Adam T Nelson, Hannah B McDowell, Ashabari Sprenger, Madeline A Henn, Zeynep Madak-Erdogan, Hyunjoon Kong, Stephen A Boppart, Marni D Boppart, Erik R Nelson L

Endocrinology 162(7), bqab095 (2021)


Label-free SARS-Cov-2 detection and classification using phase imaging with computational specificity.

Goswami, N., He, Y.R., Deng, Y-H, Oh, C., Sobh, N., Valera, E., Bashir, R., Ismail, N., Kong, H.J., Nguyen, T.H., Best-Popescu, C., Popescu, G.

Light: Science and Applications. 10: 1-12 (2021)


Shear-Resistant, Biological Tethering of Nanostimulators for Enhanced Therapeutic Cell Paracrine Factor Secretion. 

Yu-Tong Hong, Jye Yng Teo, Hojeong Jeon, Hyunjoon Kong

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13(15), 17276-17288 (2021)


 1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Encapsulated in Nanoparticles Prevents Venous Neointimal Hyperplasia and Stenosis in Porcine Arteriovenous Fistulas.

Avishek K Singh, Chuanqi Cai, Sreenivasulu Kilari, Chenglei Zhao, Michael L Simeon, Edwin Takahashi, Elazer R Edelman, Hyunjoon Joon Kong, Thanila Macedo, Ravinder J Singh, Matthew W Urban, Rajiv Kumar, Sanjay Misra 

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 32(4), 866-885 (2021)


Fabrication of cell penetrating peptide-conjugated bacterial cellulose nanofibrils with remarkable skin adhesion and water retention performance.

Seulgi Kim, Jeong Yi Kang, William C Ballance, Bradley P Sutton, Dae Hyun Shin, Kyoung Hee Jang, Mikyung Shin, Hyunjoon Kong, Jin Woong Kim 

International Journal of Pharmaceutics 600, 120476 (2021)



Phase imaging with computational specificity (PICS) for measuring dry mass changes in sub-cellular compartments.

Kandel, M.E., He, Y.R., Lee, Y.J., Chen, T. H.-Y., Sullivan, K.M., Aydin, O., Saif, M.T.A., Kong, H.J., Sobh, N., Popescu, G.  

Nature Communications 11, 6256 (2020)


Engineering of biomaterials for tumor modeling.

Choi, S.R., Yang, Y., Huang, K.-Y., Kong, H.J., Flick, M.J., Han, B.  

Materials Today Advances 8, 100117 (2020)


Enhanced Condensation on Liquid-Infused Nanoporous Surfaces by Vibration-Assisted Droplet Sweeping. 

Oh, I., Cha, H., Chen, J., Chavan, S., Kong, H.J., Miljkovic, N., Hu, Y. 

ACS Nano 14, 10, 13367–13379 (2020)


Electrothermal soft manipulator enabling safe transport and handling of thin cell/tissue sheets and bioelectronic devices. 

Kim, B.S., Kim, M.K., Cho, Y., Hamed, E.E., Gillette, M.U., Cha, H., Miljkovic, N., Aakalu, V.K.,Kang, K., Son, K.-N., Schachtschneider, K.M., Schook, L.B., Hu, C., Popescu, G., Park, Y., Ballance, W.C., Yu, S., Im, S.G., Lee, J., Lee, C.H., Kong, H.J. 

Science Advances 6, 42, eabc5630 (2020)


Matrix softness-mediated 3D zebrafish hepatocyte modulates response to endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Sullivan, K.M., Park, C.G., Ito, J.D., Kandel, M.E., Popescu, G., Kim, Y.j., Kong, H.J.  

Environmental Science & Technology 54, 21, 13797–13806 (2020)


Comparison of Cellular Cytotoxicity Induced by Dry Eye Conditions by Formulations of Cyclosporine. 

Balasubramaniam, A., Shah, D., Seo, Y., Son, K.-N., Ali, M., Kalmodia, S., Kong, J.K., Aakalu, V.K. 

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 61, 7, 147 (2020)


Preoperative vascular surgery model using a single polymer tough hydrogel with controllable elastic moduli.

Balance, W.C., Karthikeyan, V., Oh, I., Qin, E.C., Seo, Y., Spearman-White, T., Bashir, R., Hu, Y., Philips, H., Kong, H.J.  

Soft Matter 16: 8057-8068 (2020)


Surface tethering of stromal cell-derived factor-1alpha carriers to stem cells enhances cell homing to ischemic muscle.

Teo, J.Y., Ko, E., Leong, J., Hong, J., Jeon, Yang, Y.Y., Kong, H.J.  

Nanomedicine 28: 102215 (2020)


Surface Tethering of Inflammation-Modulatory Nanostimulators to Stem Cells for Ischemic Muscle Repair.

Leong, J., Hong, Y.-T., Wu, Y.-F., Ko, E., Dvoretskiy, S., Teo, J. Y., Kim, B.S., Kim, K., Jeon, H., Boppart, M., Yang, Y.Y., Kong, H.J.  

ACS Nano 26:5298-5313 (2020).


Surface tethering of stromal cell-derived factor-1α carriers to stem cells enhances cell homing to ischemic muscle

Teo, J.Y., Ko, R., Leong, J., Hong, J., Jeon, J.S., Yang, Y.Y. & Kong, H.J. 

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 102215 (2020).


The biofilm removal effect of MnO2-diatom microbubbler from the dental prosthetic surfaces: In vitro study.

Lee, E.-K., Seo, Y., Kwon, H.-B., Yim, Y.-J., Kong, H.J. & Kim, M.J.  

The Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics 58, 14-22 (2020).


Transparent and Flexible Electronics Assembled with Metallic Nanowire-Layered Non-drying Glycerogel. 

Seo, Y., Kim, B.S., Ballance, W.C., Aw, C., Sutton, B., Kong, H.J. 

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 11, 13040-13050 (2020). % equal contribution


Comparative effects of N-cadherin protein and peptide fragments on mesenchymal stem cell mechanotransduction and paracrine function. 

Qin, E.C., Ahmed, S.T., Sehgal, P., Vu, V.H., Kong, H.J., Leckband, D.E. 

Biomaterials 239, 119846 (2020).


Catalytic microgelators for decoupled control of gelation rate and rigidity of the biological gels. Journal of

Hong, Y.-T., Bregante, D.T., Lee, J.C.-W., Seo, Y., Kim, D.-H., Lee, Y.J., Schook, L.B., Jeon, H., Sung, H.-J., Flaherty, D.W., Rogers, S.A., Kong, H.J. 

Controlled Release 317, 166-180 (2020).



Epi-illumination gradient light interference microscopy for imaging opaque structure.

Kandel, M.E., Hu, C., Kouzehgarani, G.N., Min, E., Sullivan, K.E., Kong, H.J., Li, J.M., Robson, D.N., Gillette, M.U., Best-Popescu, C., & Popescu, G.

Nature Communication 10, 4691 (2019)


Strain shifts under stress-controlled oscillatory shearing in theoretical, experimental, and structural perspectives: Application to probing zero-shear viscosity.

Lee, J. C.-W., Hong, Y.-T., Weigandt, K. M., Kelley, E. G., Kong, H. J., Rogers, S. A.

Journal of Rheology 63, 863 (2019)


Vibration at structural resonance frequency of hydrophilic substrates enhances biofilm removal.

Ballance, W.C., Oh, I., Lai, Y., Elhebeary, M., Saif, T., Hu, Y., & Kong H.J.

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 299, 126950 (2019)


Reactive oxygen species-responsive drug delivery systems for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Ballance, W.C*., Qin, E.*, Chung, H.J., Gillette, M., & Kong, H.J.

Biomaterials 217, 119292 (2019)(* equal contribution)


Transplantation improves skeletal muscle recovery following hindlimb immobilization.

Munroe, M., Dvoretskiy, S., Lopez, A., Leong, J., Dyle, M.C., Kong, H.J., Adams, C.M., & Boppart, M.D.Pericyte

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (In Press, 2019).


Stimulus‐Responsive Anti‐Oxidizing Drug Crystals and their Ecological Implication.

Kim, B.S., Leong, J., Yu, S.J., Cho, Y., Park, C.G., Kim, D.H., Ko, E., Im, S.G., Lee, J., Kim, Y.J., & Kong, H.J.

Small 1900765 (2019).


Graphene Oxide Substrates with N-cadherin Stimulates Neuronal Growth and Intracellular Transport.

Qin, E., Kandel, M., Liamas, E., Shah, T., Kim, C., Kaufman, C., Zhang, Z., Popescu, G., Gillette, M., Leckband, D., & Kong, H.J.

Acta Biomaterialia 90, 412-423 (2019).


Surface tethering of stem cells with H2O2-responsive anti-oxidizing colloidal particles for protection against oxidation-induced death.

Teo, J., Seo, Y., Leong, E., Ko, E., Hong, Y.T., Yang, Y.Y., & Kong, H.J.

Biomaterials 201, 1-15 (2019).


Matrix topography regulates synaptic transmission at the neuromuscular junction.

Ko, E., Yu, S.J., Pagan-Diaz, G.J., Mahmassani, Z., Boppart, M.D., Im, S.G., Bashir, R., & Kong, H.J.

Advanced Science 6, 6, 1970032 (2019).


A biohybrid valveless pump-bot powered by engineered skeletal muscle.

Li, Z., Seo, Y., Kamm, R.D., Kong, H.J. & Saif, T.A.

Proceedings of National Academy of Science USA 116, 5, 1543–1548(2019).



Spatial organization of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in/on nano/microsized carriers modulate the magnetic resonance signal.

Lee, M.K.*, Clay, N.E.*, Ko, E.*, Smith C.E., Chen, L., Cho, N., Sung, H.J., DiPietro, L., Lee, J., & Kong, H.J.

CLangmuir 34, 38, 15276-15282 (2018).


Pore Diameter of Mesoporous Silica Modulates Oxidation of H2O2-Sensing Chromophore in a Porous Matrix.

Leong, J., Seo, Y., Chu, S.-H., Park, C., Jeon, E. J., Cho, S.-W., Yang, Y. Y., DiPietro, L., Kim, D. H., & Kong, H.J.

Langmuir 34, 38, 11242-11252 (2018).


Diatom Microbubbler for Active Biofilm Removal in Confined Spaces.

Seo, Y., Leong, J., Park, J. D., Hong, Y.-T., Chu, S.-H., Park, C., Kim, D. H., Deng, Y.-H., Dushnov, V., Soh, J., Rogers, S., Yang, Y. Y., & Kong, H.J.

ACS applied materials & interfaces 10, 42, 25685-35692 (2018).


3D Imaging of BABB Cleared Whole-Mount Organs Using Light Sheet Microscopy.

Boateng, K. A., Cyphersmith, A., Fried, G. A., Sivaguru, B. S., Lu, X., Seward, C., Ko, E., Kong, H., & Sivaguru, M.

Microscopy and Microanalysis 24, 1390-1391 (2018).


Disease-directed design of biodegradable polymers: Reactive oxygen species and pH-responsive micellar nanoparticles for anticancer drug delivery.

Leong, J., Chin, W., Ke, X., Gao, S., Kong, H., Hedrick, J. L., & Yang, Y. Y.

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 14, 8, 2666-2677 (2018).


Simulation and Fabrication of Stronger, Larger, and Faster Walking Biohybrid Machines.

Pagan‐Diaz, G.J., Zhang, X., Grant, L., Kim, Y., Aydin, O., Cvetkovic, C., Ko, E., Solomon, E., Hollis, J., Kong, H., Saif, T., Gazzola, M., & Bashir, R.

Advanced Functional Materials 28 (23), 1801145 (2018).


Potential lymphangiogenesis therapies: learning from current anti-angiogenesis therapies.

Tamakawa, M., Doh, S., Santosa, S., Montana, M., Qin, E., Kong, H.J., Jam K., Yu, C., Rosenblatt, M., Kazlauskas, A., Chang, J., & Azar, D.

Medicinal Research Reviews 1-30 (2018).


Stretchable, anti-bacterial hydrogel activated by large mechanical deformation.

Ballance, W.C., Seo, Y., Baek, K., Chalifoux, M., Kim, D., & Kong, H.J.

Journal of Controlled Release 275, 1-11 (2018).


Engineering the surface of therapeutic “living” cells.

Park, J.,* Andrade, B.,* Seo, Y.,* Kim, M.J., Zimmerman, S.C. & Kong, H. J.

Chemical Reviews 118 (4), 1664-1690 (2018).


Engineering polymersomes for diagnostics and therapy.

Leong, J., Teo, J.Y., Aakalu, V.K., Yang, Y.Y., & Kong, H.J.

Advanced Healthcare Materials 7(8), 1701276 (2018). Invited.


A decellularized matrix produced by mesenchymal stem cells modulates growth and metabolic activity of hepatic cell cluster.

Park, J., Kim, J., Sullivan, K.M., Baik, S., Ko, E., Kim M.J., Young, J., Kong, H.J.

ACS Biomaterials. 4, 456-462(2018)



Effects of fluoride-modified titanium surfaces with the similar roughness on RUNX2 gene expression of osteoblast-like MG63 cells.

Lee, J.H., Koa, J.Y., Lim, Y.J., Kwon, H.B., Kong, H. J. & Kim, M.J

Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: 105A:3102–3109 (2017).


Proangiogenic alginate-g-pyrrole hydrogel with decoupled control of mechanical rigidity and electrically conductivity.

DeVolder, R.J., Seo, Y., Kong, H.J.

Biomaterials Research 21:24 (2017). Invited.


Active Antioxidizing Particles for On-Demand Pressure-Driven Molecular Release.

Seo, Y., Leong, J., Teo, J.Y., Mitchell, J.W., Gillette, M.U., Han, B., Lee, J., Kong, H.J.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 9, 35642-35650(2017)


In vivo Assessment of Engineered Skin Cell Delivery with Multimodal Optical Microscopy.

Bower A.J., Mahmassani, Z., Zhao, Y., Chaney, E.J., Marjanovic, M., Lee, M.K., Graff, B.W., De Lisio, M., Kong, H.J., Boppart, M.D. & Boppart, S.A.

Tissue Engineering B.23:434-442 (2017)


Enzyme-induced Matrix Softening Regulates Hepatocarcinoma Cancer Cell Phenotypes.

Liang, Y., Clay, N., Sullivan, K.M., Rich, M., Lee, M.K., Jeon, H., Tong, Y.W., & Kong, H.J.

Macromolecular Bioscience. 1700117 (2017).


Investigating the Life Expectancy and Proteolytic Degradation of Engineered Skeletal Muscle Biological Machines.

Cvetkovic, C., Ferrall-Fairbanks, M., Ko, E., Grant, L., Kong, H.J., Platt, M., & Bashir, R.

Scientific Reports.Article number: 3775 (2017).


Poly(ethylene glycol)-Mediated Collagen Gel Mechanics Regulates Cellular Phenotypes in a Microchanneled Matrix.

Rich, M., Lee, M., Ballance, W., Boppart, M., & Kong, H.J.

Biomacromolecules.18, 8, 2315-2323(2017).


Damage, Healing, and Remodeling in Optogenetic Skeletal Muscle Bioactuators.

Raman R, Grant L, Seo Y, Cvetkovic C, Gapinske M, Palasz A, Dabbous H, Kong H, Pinera PP, Bashir R.

Advanced Healthcare Materials. 6 (12), pp 1700030 (2017).


Balanced effects of surface Reactivity and self-Association of bifunctional polyaspartamide on stem cell adhesion.

Park, J., Yu, Y., Kim, J., Qin, E., Kim, M-J., Ko, E., & Kong, H.J.

ACS Omega. 2 (4), pp 1333–1339 (2017).


Chemical and mechanical modulation of polymeric micelle assembly.

Clay, N., Whittenberg, J., Leong, J., Kumar, V., Chen, J., Choi, I., Liama, E., Schieferstein, J., Jeong, J., Kim, D-H., Zhang, Z., Kenis, P., Ki, I.W., & Kong, H.J.

Nanoscale. 9, 5194 (2017).


Self-Assembled, biodegradable magnetic resonance imaging agents: Organic radical-functionalized diblock copolymers.

Chan, J., Wojtecki, R., Sardón, H., Lee, A., Smith, C., Shkumatov, A., Gao, S., Kong, H.J., Yang, Y.Y., & Hedrick, J.

ACS Macro Letters. 6 (2): 176–180, (2017).


A 3D Printed Platform for Modular Neuromuscular Motor Unit.

Cvetkovic, C., Rich, M., Raman, R., Kong, H.J. & Bashir, R.

Microsystems & Nanoengineering. 3: 17015 (2017).



Top-down synthesis of polyaspartamide morphogens to derive platinum nanoclusters.

Cho, S.W., Kim, H.J., Cho, Y.N., Jeong, J. H. & Kong, H. J.

Materials Letters. 9 (2): 168:184-187 (2016).


Worm-like superparamagnetic nanoparticle clusters for enhanced adhesion and magnetic resonance relaxivity.

Smith, C., Lee, J, Seo, Y., Clay, N., Park, J., Shkumatov, A., Ernenwein, D., Lai, M-H., Misra, S., Sing,

C., Andrade, B., Zimmerman, S., & Kong, H. J.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 9 (2): 1219-1225 (2016).   


Three Dimensional Conjugation of Recombinant N-Cadherin to a Hydrogel for In Vitro Anisotropic Neural Growth.

Vega, J.C.M, Lee, M.K., Qin, E.C., Rich, M., Lee, K.Y., Kim, D.H., Chung, H.J., Leckband, D.E.*, Kong, H.J.*

Journal of Materials Chemistry 4, 6803-6811 (2016). (* Co-corresponding authors).


Modulation of Matrix Softness and Interstitial Flow for 3D Cell Culture Using a Cell-Microenvironment-on-a-Chip (C-MOC) System.

Clay, N., Shin, K., Ozcelikkale,., Lee, M.K., Rich, M., Han, B.S. *, Kong, H.J. *

ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering. 2(11): 1968-1975 (2016). (* Co-corresponding authors).


3D printed stem cell-laden, microchanneled hydrogel patch for the enhanced release of cell-secreting factors and treatment of myocardial infarctions.

Melhem, M., Park, J., Knapp, L., Reinkensmeyer, L., Cvetkovic, C., Flewellyn, J., Lee, M.K., Jensen, T.,

Bashir, R.*, Kong, H.J.*, Schook, L.*

ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering (In press, 2016). (* Co-corresponding authors).   


3D Printing Enables Separation of Orthogonal Functions Within a Hydrogel Particle.

Raman, R.%, Clay, N.%, Sen, S., Melhem, M., Qin, E., Kong, H*. & Bashir, R*. Biomedical Devices 18:49 (2016). (% equal contribution, * Co-corresponding authors).


Rupture force of cell adhesion ligand tethers modulates biological activities of a cell-laden hydrogel.

%Lee, M.,%Park, J., Wang, X., Roein-Peikar M., Ko, E., Qin, E., Lee, J., Ha, TJ*., Kong, H.J.*

Chemical Communication 52:

4757-4760 (2016). (% equal contribution, * Co-corresponding authors).   


Alginate Sulfates Mitigates Binding Kinetics of Proangiogenic Growth Factors with Receptors towards Revascularization.

Schmidt, J; Lee, M.K.; Ko, E.; Jeong, J.H.; DiPietro, L.; Kong, H.

Molecular Pharmacuetics 13(7): 2148-2154 (2016).   


Projection micro-stereolithography for high-resolution patterning of microvasculature.

 Raman, R., Bhaduri, B., Lee, M.K., Shkumatov, A., Mir, M., Popescu, G., Kong, H.J., & Bashir, R.

Advanced Healthcare Materials 5: 622 (2016)